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Naval Officer Retirement

Naval nuclear also retired from the Navy after 25 years of service. This takes place at Carrol’s café in Annapolis, Maryland in front of his classmates for the United States Naval Academy of 2002, and various other dignitaries and family members.

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ravens stadium shemar bridges terrence davis dulaney high school Jai nettles football HBCU


This message highlights an exciting event that took place at Ravens Stadium. The event brought together talented football players from Dulaney High School, including Shemar Bridges and Terrence Davis, who are sure to make waves in the sport in the coming years. Also present was Jai Nettles, who undoubtedly contributed to the electric atmosphere with his prowess on the field. This event was not just about football but served a greater purpose as it was a part of the HBCU Sport Summit, aimed at providing opportunities for athletes from historically black colleges and universities to connect with NFL teams. Truly, this event was a celebration of talent, passion, and the incredible ability of sports to bring people together.

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Baltimore Healthy Start Luncheon

Overall, the luncheon was a celebration of the work that Baltimore Healthy Start does to address women’s health issues in regards to birth and women of color. It was inspiring to see so many dedicated individuals working to effect change in this important area of health care. We left the event feeling hopeful for the future of women’s health care and grateful to have been a part of such an amazing celebration.

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